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After the battle of Wimpfen in , Neckargartach was burnt to the ground. The political stability enjoyed by the city during the 15th century enabled it to expand, and many of its historic structures, such as the Kilianskirche —60 , trace their origins to that era. While Heilbronn was part of the Diocese of Würzburg , the independent villages of Böckingen, Neckargartach and Frankenbach were attached to the Diocese of Worms. Starting in , the order built the Deutschhof there as one of its residences. Carmel was attacked and ransacked. The area surrounding Heilbron was rife with guerilla activity. Later the line was extended to Petrus Steyn and Lindley.

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This made Heilbronn the only major city in Germany with atomic missiles inside its city limits — a fact that became front-page news during the missile accident on January 11, Several old towers survive, including the Diebsturm, or Götzenturm, on the Neckar. In , Heilbronn is first mentioned in an official document of the Diocese of Würzburg as villa Helibrunna together with a Michaelsbasilica , and in , King Louis the German set up court here for a period of time. On September 10, , a raid by the allies targeted the city specifically, in particular the Böckingen train transfer station.

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The city was carpet-bombed from the southern quarter all the way to the Kilianskirche in the center of town. In the Duchy of Württemberg became the Kingdom of Württemberg. The museum tells the rich history of the early hunters in the Riemland, as well as the early pioneers and settlers. Craftspeople and merchants were now represented in its council and the villages of Böckingen, Flein , Frankenbach and Neckargartach became part of Heilbronn's territory.

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In addition to the advocate he put a council in place that was headed up by a mayor. At the same time the previously independent communities of Böckingen, Sontheim, and Neckargartach were annexed, and with 72, residents Heilbronn then was the second largest city in Württemberg. Later the line was extended to Petrus Steyn and Lindley.

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After the INF Treaty was signed in , the missiles were removed. From Heilbronn all the way to Neckarelz numerous subterraneous complexes, some of them gigantic, were constructed; on November 20, , the Heilbronn Bureau of Labour had 8, forced labourers registered in its district. The expansion of the shafts was undertaken by labour brigades of the concentration camp branches in Kochendorf and Neckargartach. April Ruins in Heilbronn in Heilbron was officially established in Later the line was extended to Petrus Steyn and Lindley. In order to subdue those Boers who continued to fight, the British High Command attempted to cut the guerilla army off from its source of provisions. The year brought about the acceptance of the Augsburg Confession by city council and residents and the Heilbronn Catechism of is the second oldest catechism in the Protestant Church. In Heilbronn was occupied by imperial troops but the same year the Swedes succeeded in conquering the city. During that time the 8th infantry regiment switched sides and joined the revolutionaries until it was subsequently disarmed and force-transferred out of the area.

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Boer farms were razed and concentration camps , such as the one in Heilbron, were built to house the Boer women, children and non-combatant labourers who provided support to the Boer fighters. A few weeks after the fall of Bloemfontein, Heilbron was also occupied, and President Steyn moved the capital to Frankfurt, another town in the northern Free State. As a result, Charles V spent Christmas in Heilbronn to attend the ensuing criminal proceedings. In the s the city's train tracks were extended to Heidelberg via Bad Wimpfen , to Würzburg via Osterburken , and to Crailsheim and later on to Nuremberg via Schwäbisch Hall.

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After the city became part of Württemberg in it also became seat of a deaconry and the Prelate or regional bishop of the Protestant State Church in Württemberg. On September 10, , a raid by the allies targeted the city specifically, in particular the Böckingen train transfer station. Winston Churchill visited the farm Leeuwpoort, which was used as a base for the British officers during the war.

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